Jumpin' Smallie Guide Service offers clients the chance to fish from an 18 foot aluminum boat.  Our boat features stable, spacious decks to stand or sit on as well as plenty of room for gear and passengers.  We even have a battery powered cooler on board for keeping food and drink cold on hot summer days. 

   The boat used by Jumpin' Smallie Guide Service is essentially a flat bottom but is considered a modified-V with a 7 degree deadrise.  It drafts very little water and is powered by a 65 horsepower outboard motor capable of lifting up to four adults (3 clients and 1 guide) on plane and over shallow bars and boulders.  The boat used by Jumpin' Smallie Guide Service is an all welded Polar Kraft built tough and has proven in the field to take a lickin' and get clients home happy and dry.
   During a guided trip guide Scott Markham will be on the bow, working the trolling motor and positioning clients properly to create clear casting angles and making it easy to relax and concentrate on catching smallmouth bass.  In some cases anchoring is necessary and our boat is equipped to hold in place and allow clients to make multiple casts into areas that concentrate fish.

   Most of all Jumpin' Smallie Guide Service uses the proper tools to catch as many big fish as possible and our custom "Kalamazoo River Cadillac" is the best river boat imaginable to get you there, let you catch fish, and get you home.  We know you'll agree.